WOMANTRA to probe abuse claims

“We hope that this provides further insights and dispels any mistrust that may have informed previous responses to Womantra’s mission and the integrity of the organisation. We remain open to critique and feedback and to continuing our important work in gender justice, legal provision of services, advocacy and lobbying, while managing this difficult situation,” stated Womantra.


Celebrating #IWD2021 with fearless female youth activists from WOMANTRA


WOMANTRA launches legal-aid clinic for GBV survivors

Modern feminists honoured one from an earlier generation when the NGO Womantra launched the Elma Francois Legal Clinic on March 1.


Health Minister ‘aggressive, inappropriate’

A representative from local feminist organisation Womantra told Newsday Deyalsingh used “aggressive” language,” which is “a manner that is unlike his usual approach to addressing the nation.”

The representative said the approach was unproductive because the woman is “not unique in her breaches,” referencing the recent pool party held at Bayside Towers in Cocorite.


11 out of 45: Women under-represented in governance

Elysse Marcellin of the NGO Womantra was not pleased by the numbers. She said TT was failing to reach a target of equitable representation, as shown by the fact that only 11 women representatives were elected in 41 constituencies.

“This should be enough of a wakeup call that it’s time for us to examine what we understand by representation, redefine the scope, and actively work towards changing our mindsets and systems to accommodate and encourage true inclusivity to the benefit of women and other marginalised and vulnerable groups.”


CoP: We're not silent on crimes against women

COMMISSIONER of Police (CoP) Gary Griffith dismissed claims by the NGO Womantra that the police are being silent about attacks on Venezuelan women.

In a statement Griffith referred to a daily newspaper article in which Womantra alleged there were 484 complaints of sexual assault by immigrants over a six-year period but no arrests by the police.


22 more Venezuelans held in Palo Seco

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says is was surprised at a media release issued by Womantra, in which the NGO says there is silence by the TTPS on attacks on Venezuelan women.

Responding to an article in a daily newspaper yesterday, Griffith said Womantra has once again gotten its facts wrong.

He said Womantra mentioned 484 complaints of sexual assault by immigrants over a six-year period and that there were no arrests by the TTPS.


Womantra: Venezuelan women under attack in TT

THE NGO Womantra says Venezuelan women are under attack in this country.

Womantra said statistics from a recent joint select committee hearing showed there were 484 complaints of sexual assault by immigrants over a six-year period. For these assaults, no one was arrested.

The group is now questioning why the Police Commissioner has not spoken on the issue.


TTT Special: Sex And Gender Justice

We discuss gender-based/ intimate partner violence and weaponising race with IGDS Lecturer Angelique Nixon and WOMANTRA Director Élysse Marcellin. Both women are also Directors of CAISO Sex and Gender Justice. We also discussed gaps in formalised institutions for dealing with issues recent events have exposed.


BYisrael: No law to stop Duke from contesting election

BYisrael was responding to women's rights activist group Womantra which questioned why there are candidates contesting the general election who are alleged to have committed offences against women.

In a post on its Facebook page on Saturday, the group said: “We have witnessed the nomination of a candidate currently before the courts on charges of rape and sexual assault.”

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