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November 1, 2016

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A Woman A Day

March 8, 2015

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Visibility IS Power

July 4, 2015

Trinidad based, Jamaican journalist Paula Lindo talks about the euphoria around Caitlyn's coming out story and how some of that energy can be translated into becoming better trans* allies by amplifying other (non white, non-celebrity) trans voices, particularly those of TPOC. Caribbean transgender communities are often highly stigmatized and ostracized with such debilitating effects such as poverty & prostitution and yet amidst this hateful landscape, Trinidadian transgender animal rights activist Jowelle de Souza, is running for public office.
Visibility IS Power!

In this April 4, 2014, photo, homeless youths hang out at the entrance of a sewer pipe along a trash-strewn canal where they live beneath a busy road in Kingston, Jamaica. They are part of a small group of young gay and transgender Jamaicans who mostly sell sex to make money.


There are trans* people living in the Caribbean, who have been encouraged by the publicity surrounding this celebrity, and in my opinion this now opens room for dialogue about and with trans* people surrounding their lives and experiences. It has been a polarizing moment, with some persons declaring her as being deviant and ugly, others mum, and still others supporting her decision to live her life as she wants to. 



click here to acess the entire article by Paula Lindo. 

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