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Orange Day

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"A Woman A Day" (AWAD)

This bio series features the story of a Trinbagonian woman everyday for the month of March. WOMANTRA has chosen to celebrate Women's History Month by honoring these unsung national heroines, who have established themselves internationally through their talent, thought and tenacity.


This radio segment of this series will also be featured on Sweet 100.1fm from Monday to Friday at 2:50pm.


This series can be followed right here on this site, or on womantra's facebook page.

Silent Silhouettes 2015

This year, as part of the 16 Days of Activism campaign to raise awareness about violence against women, the concept of ‘Silent Silhouettes’ was reprised in a poster series, developed by co-director Amanda T. Mc Intyre and featuring the artwork of Portia Subran and Aleaux.


It is a core set of thirteen posters, each with a stylized female form and the details of age and the manner in which each female person was killed. For an extended description of this project, please visit the guardianwitness website that invited activists all around the world to their ‘16 days’ action.


Read about the original project here.

Sistah2Sistah Mentorship Program

WOMANTRA Co-Director Stephanie Leitch, along with colleague Akeila Oliver together designed a mentorship program with girls in mind, specifically targeting girls who just completed the S.E.A. Exam and are preparing to enter secondary school. Sistah2Sistah engages girls around critical issues of self-development that are often ignored in mainstream education, while the mentors, all young feminist womyn, nurture supportive relationships with their younger peers, as a way of building solidarity among a community of women and actioning intergenerational sistah-hood.


Read more about Sistah2Sistah in the Trinidad Express Newspaper - Express Women feature.


esbian and bi-sexual women are highly under-represented in HIV/AIDS research because they are considered low risk. This invisibilzation is however highly political and represents the further marginalization of women sexual minorities. We acknowledge the specific risks and needs of the LB community & honour those of us living with HIV/AIDS.


If you are interested in learning more about lesbian and bi-sexual women's specific vulnerabilites to contracting HIV/AIDS, you can contact us for access to an instructional LES BI poster which can be shared with you.

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