Stephanie Leitch

Stephanie is the Founding Director of WOMANTRA and has been cultivating the online space of the collective since 2011. Over the past 5 years, Stephanie has been focused on growing the organization's activity beyond the virtual space and has established a strong local chapter, through transitioning into a registered non profit company in 2015. 

Stephanie's interest in women's rights began to take shape early in her university career at the Institute for Gender and Development Studies, where she graduated with a Minor in Gender Studies and went on to enroll in the postgraduate program. As a teaching assistant, she tutored a number of undergraduate & postgraduate courses and still returns to the classroom each year for an annual guest lecture on Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights.


Stephanie's ultimate goal is to see WOMANTRA become a self sustaining organization. As part of this impetus, succession planning has become an integrated priority of the organization's leadership, facilitated through an Internship and Mentorship programme, for the next generation of freedom loving womxn and girls. 

Stephanie is also a Civil Society Advisor to UN Women for Latin America and the Caribbean (CSAG-LAC).

Keir Roopnarine

Keir has over ten years of experience in facilitation, training, public speaking and presenting. Her specialty lies in the development of learning materials, projects, and programs. Keir has been an advocate for women's and children's rights since her mid-teens, and for sexual and reproductive health and rights since early adulthood. In the last five years, she's also been a huge proponent for women's health and mental health. Keir's most known for her education work in SRHR, gender-based violence, and PCOS.



Élysse Marcellin

Élysse Marcellin is a queer activist, black feminist, and academic. She relies on an intersectional feminist ethic as her frame of reference for advocacy and activist work. Currently, Élysse focuses these efforts on mental health awareness, LGBT+ protections, and the support of women, girls, and gender minorities. Élysse, a 2018 a Women Deliver Young Leader, is a board member of WOMANTRA, CAISO and MindWise.

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