WOMANTRA is the combination of two words: woman and mantra, and is manifest in the repetition of - the hole is whole. This affirmation was shared with us by feminist performance artist Michelle Isava and taken on as our own mantra to convey our ideology of the completeness and fullness of femaleness and femininity, in a world where our biology, intellect and capabilities are violently and historically devalued.



WOMANTRA began as an International Women’s Day centenary commemoration event in 2011 and reincarnated into a virtual platform by the same name, which sustains a community of over 1000 Caribbean and Diasporic women engaging in feminist politics and social justice work. Our collective has recently became formalized as a non-profit under the laws of Trinidad and Tobago in January of 2015.



In line with this shift toward civil society, WOMANTRA has extended is directorship to facilitate the expanding scope of WOMANTRA’s advocacy around gender-equality, both at the grass-roots and bureaucratic levels. At present, WOMANTRA’s initiatives are largely Trinidad-centered due to finite resources and woman-power but our aspiration for increased regional co-operation and solidarity with our sistahs abroad remains a priority. View Directors profiles here.



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Michelle Isava's performance of Womantra at the Galzanize event in 2006.

In the beginning, there was the highly

melanated parthenogenetic female.

The hole is whole.

The universe came from the

dark abyss of mothers’ black hole.

And they tell us we came from

our descendant's rib?

Man was born of woman

for companionship, not necessity.

The hole is whole.

Never mind His story, She has her own.”


- CalistaWeygoldt 

© 2015 by WOMANTRA. Designed by Candace Moses

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